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tied chords problem


it seems that the current Lilypond version (2.5.28) yet don't handles  
properly the ties in chords with small intervals between notes. e.g, in:

<c' g' b' c''>4 ~ <c' g' b' c''>

there's a heavy tie collision. The output I get for this example is shown  


this subject has been discussed in the past, but I haven't found any  
solution in the manual nor in the list archives. I currently cheat this  
problem by drawing those ties in postscript, but that's not very  

Is there some way to set the direction individually for each tie?

I know that the automatic tie positioning algorithm is complicated. Then,  
would it be possible to extend the TieColumn object to have a "direction"  
property for each tie, e.g. in a list? Then the user could override it's  
own positioning "algorithm" more or less like this:

\override TieColumn #'directions = #'(up down down down)
<c' g' b' c''>4 ~ <c' g' b' c''>
\tieColumnNeutral % revert to default

I don't know enough about scheme to know if this makes sense at all. Just  
trying to suggest :)


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