tie not printed in tied chords

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tie not printed in tied chords


in the following example, in the first tied chord the B is not tied, or  
the tie is just over the staff line (?).

Besides this, the other tied chords in the example are ok, but look  
somewhat strange to me. In the second tied chord, the tie for the E looks  
strange under the dot, and in the others the upper tie looks too high. The  
important bug is the absent tie. The others may be just "my opinion" :)


\version "2.7.7"

\relative c
        <f' b e a>4 ~ <f b e a> <b e a d>4. ~ <b e a d>8 |
        <b f' a d>8 ~ <b f' a d>4. ~ <b f' a d>2 |
        <b f' a d>4. ~ <b f' a d>8 r2

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% EOF

see the output at:


thanks and greetings,


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