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Coda / split staff 0 replies User
Re: Analysis brackets 1 reply User
Re: How to limit the effect of \voiceOne for certain parts of the score? 1 reply User
Re: Positioning a segno relative to an alternative line 1 reply User
Re: Message to David Fuqua 0 replies Bugs
Re: Message to David Fuqua 2 replies Bugs
Re: Text problem 0 replies User
Re: Braket direction 0 replies User
Re: parenthesizing by parentheses or brackets 0 replies User
Re: figured bass in staff context 0 replies User
Re: Some dots are too far from the note heads 1 reply Bugs
Re: Bug in connected arpeggio brackets with layout-set-staff-size 1 reply User
Re: default stem directions 0 replies User
French meeting, Paris Apr. 18. 0 replies Bugs
Re: Catch direction operators 0 replies User
Re: Catch direction operators 2 replies User
LSR 2.20 #724 cannot be upgrated automagically 2 replies Bugs
Re: change postscript output size 1 reply User
Re: change postscript output size 3 replies User
Re: Unmerged accidentals 1 reply User
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