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Re: paper variables does not affect a score placed in a markup block 0 replies Bugs
Re: Change pitch in part of a music fragment 1 reply User
Re: Extract the first notes from a musical expression 4 replies User
Re: Adjusting angle of glissando 1 reply User
Re: Time signature and beat markers 0 replies User
Re: Score and parts with global variable 0 replies User
Re: Lutoslawski-style box notation 0 replies User
Lutoslawski-style box notation 19 replies User
Re: Text level with the staff 3 replies User
Re: Transposing in the Input file 0 replies User
Re: lilypond code in (pdf/lua/xe)latex documents 4 replies User
Re: lilypond code in (pdf/lua/xe)latex documents 5 replies User
Re: clef_8 1 reply User
Re: tempo percentage 0 replies User
Re: How to change the position of an expressive mark relative to a beam in another voice 0 replies User
Re: pushing items "through" or "beyond" other contexts 1 reply User
clusters interrupted by rests but not multi-measure rests 0 replies Bugs
Re: Pedal style doesn't seem to work 3 replies User
Re: adding a snippet to a patch 2 replies Dev
Re: Forcing some horizontal space between two notes 4 replies User
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