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Vertical edges on TextSpanners? 1 reply User
Re: No text on text spanner 0 replies Bugs
Re: Rehearsal mark appears on wrong staff 3 replies Bugs
Rehearsal mark appears on wrong staff 4 replies Bugs
Midi equalizer not working in 2.11.16 2 replies Bugs
Re: Controlling vertical spacing exactly - mini HOWTO 1 reply Dev
Re: proposal: second style for quartertone accidentals 0 replies Dev
afterGrace/Lyrics bug 1 reply Bugs
Doc bug: Span_dynamic_performer 1 reply Bugs
Re: Lyrics in Devnull context are left-aligned 1 reply Bugs
Lyrics in Devnull context are left-aligned 3 replies Bugs
Assigning lyrics to Devnull results in warnings 0 replies Bugs
Erratic behaviour with Ties and LyricExtenders 1 reply Bugs
KeyCancellation does not respond to break-visibility 5 replies Bugs
convert-ly does not convert dynamic performers in 2.10.10 1 reply Bugs
ChoirStaff with Instrument_name_engraver bug 2 replies Bugs
Re: NoteEdit? 0 replies Dev
Re: first-page-number parameter is not being recognized 1 reply Bugs
Re: Feature sponsor request for \paper block 2 replies User
Re: Changing polyphonic per-voice rest position 2 replies User
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