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Re: Usability Question 3 replies User
[GUB-2.7.39-1] odd \break behaviour 1 reply Bugs
[GUB 2.7.37-1] partcombine bug 1 reply Bugs
NaN? 0 replies User
bug mailing list 1 reply User
[GUB 2.7.36] Lyrics context sticks out if words cover all the notes in the Voice which is aligned to 0 replies Bugs
[GUB 2.7.36-1] InstrumentName of PianoStaff isn't removed with Hara_kiri_engraver 1 reply Bugs
[GUB 2.7.36-1] Lyrics inherits InstrumentName from its parent context 1 reply Bugs
Left aligned InstrumentNames (2.7.35) 0 replies User
2.7.35: midi2ly 0 replies Bugs
2.7.35: midi2ly 0 replies Bugs
problems during installation lily 2.7.30 0 replies User
2.7.30 running crash 0 replies Bugs
Re: User Experience Engineering 0 replies User
Re: "Controlled aleatorism" notation 1 reply User
Re: "Controlled aleatorism" notation 3 replies User
Re: Invisible notes, Scheme contexts 0 replies User
"Controlled aleatorism" notation 6 replies User
Re: lilypond 2.7.22: compilation error 3 replies Bugs
Re: Extending feta font 0 replies User