printfirstpagenumber has no effect

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printfirstpagenumber has no effect

setting the value of printfirstpagenumber to ##t in the \paper section  
(nor in \layout) doesn't print the first page number unless I set  
firstpagenumber to be > 1

curiously, if I set firstpagenumber = 0, the first page has number 0 as  
expected, but then page "1" doesn't print thes page number.

if firstpagenumber is negative all pages print the number except page "1"  
again :)

setting printfirstpagenumber to #t in the definition of  
set-paper-dimensions in paper.scm has no effect either.

the only way I can print the number in page "1" is to replace the line:

\on-the-fly #not-first-page \fromproperty #'page:page-number-string


\fromproperty #'page:page-number-string

in the definition of oddHeaderMarkup in "".

I'm running version 2.5.29 windows native, WXP SP1. Version 2.4.6 cygwin  
has not this problem.



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