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point-and-click oddness

I have not been making use of the point-and-click feature for a while
now.  Some time ago it was half working.  After fiddling with it a bit I
got it to take me to the line but not the column (I was on a late enough
version of everything at the time for line and column to be working).  

Then it stopped being useful; when I would point and click a new
instance of Mozilla would open but emacs would not respond.

Now it is almost working again but in such a way as to make it
impractical.  If I click on the PDF in Xpdf with Mozilla open, Mozilla
will open ANOTHER window and Emacs will open and set the cursor at the
correct line column.  If I go back to the PDF file and point-and-click
again, yet ANOTHER Mozilla window opens and ANOTHER instance of Emacs
opens (with the cursor placed at the right line and column).

The changes in point-and-click behavior described above seem to have
taken place as a result of something other than my intervention in
setting up point-and-click in the first place.  In other words, once I
set it up I didn't make any changes, I simply confimed that I had
followed the instructions.

In the section "Appendix D Point and click" I followed the instructions
to the letter and then left it alone.  It still appears to be set up


Fedora Core 3 (fully updated)
Firefox 1.0.6
Emacs 21.3.1
LilyPond 2.7.8 CVS


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