nasty `ar' crash while building guile with gub

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nasty `ar' crash while building guile with gub


My attempts to build lilypond (or rather guile) with gub are stopped
in the `tools' stage since a few days due to a nasty crash in `ar' in
combination with its `' plugin on openSuSE 42.3, cf.

Does anybody else experience this issue?

Finding the above cost me hours of investigation :-/ I now believe to
know how to circumvent the issue locally, namely by adding a link to
`' (which comes with gcc) in `/usr/lib/bfd-plugins'
and modifying the `AR_FLAGS' (and/or `ARFLAGS') environment variable
to also hold a `' option.  Will test that

I wonder whether it makes sense to add `binutils' to gub not only for
cross compilation but to the `tools' stage also.  If we build that
with `--disable-plugins', the above issue should completely vanish...


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