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Aaron Mehl
Hi I am trying to change the font for the header.

I tried adding \override #'(font-name . "System
but was told that I should not have a score block...

I even tried encasing it with markup, but markup it
seems isn't allowed in the header.

I then tried

        \layout {                                            
   % change for other default global staff size.      

 myStaffSize = #20                                    
                 #(define fonts                      
(make-pango-font-tree "DGL" "System error" "Black Ink"
(/ myStaffSize 20                              
but I saw no change of font although I didn't get an
error. I am not sure that this affect the title fonts
in the header at all.

What must I do to get the DGL System error.ttf font to
be the font for my title = ""?

I also want a different font for subtitle = ""


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