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harmonyli.ly stable release 1.0 published

Karsten Reincke-2
Dear Friends;

A few weeks ago, I promised to write a tutorial for harmonyli.ly. As you might
remember, harmonyli.ly is a library for embedding harmony analysis symbols into
LilyPond encoded scores.

Today, I released the complete version 1.0 which now can create symbols of the
functional harmony theory as well as symboles of the scale step theory.

The package now contains

a) the library file it self [harmonyli.ly]
b) six examples [minimal.ly, sn967.ly, cadenca*.ly, modulation*.ly]
c) a pdf tutorial [doc/tutorial]
d) the LaTeX sources of the tutorial [doc/sources]
e) Makefiles for compiling the examples and the tutorial

Each example $example.ly can be compiled with the command make $example.png resp.
make $example.pdf (if you have installed GNU make and LilyPond)

The tutorial can be compiled by (cd doc && make) (if you have installed a LaTeX
distribution like TeXLive)

The tutorial
a) outlines the background of the development work
b) describes how the symbols can technically be embedded into a LilyPond file
c) demos and and explains how to create specific harmony analysis symbols.

Note! If you want to see more than only 'theoretical' examples, you should perhaps
take a little look at the chapter 'Just For Fun' ;-)

These are the relevant harmonyli.ly links:

repository: https://github.com/kreincke/harmonyli.ly/
tutorial (online): https://kreincke.github.io/harmonyli.ly/tutorial.pdf
5 minutes tutorial (German): https://fodina.de/2019/harmonyli-ly-intro/
5 minutes tutorial (English): https://fodina.de/en/2019/harmonyli-ly-intro/

I got a lot of help by the community. So this is also the right place to thank you

best regards

  Karsten Reincke    /\/\   (+49|0) 170 / 927 78 57
 Im Braungeröll 31   >oo<  mailto:[hidden email]
60431 Frankfurt a.M.  \/    http://www.fodina.de/kr/