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figured bass problems

Hi, I have a problem with figured bass in Lilypond version 2.7.17 for Windows
(98). Here is the file:

\version "2.7.12"

\relative {
\context Voice {
\clef bass
f,8 f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f g g g g c, c c c f f f f a a a a g g g g c, c
d e
f f f f a, a a a bes bes bes bes bes bes b b c4 r4 e f c r4 e f c c' c, r4
f r4 r2 bes,4 r4 r2 c4 r4 r2 c4 r4 r2 f8 f d' d c c bes bes
a a d d c c bes bes a a d, d bes bes c c f f f4 r8 f f4 r8 f f4 r8 f f4 f f f

 \context FiguredBass \figuremode {  \set useBassFigureExtenders = ##t
r1 <6 4>2.. <6 4>8 <6\!>2 <7>4.  <7>8 r2 <6>4. <6>8 r2 r4 <6>8 <6\! 5> r2 <6> <6
\! 5>1 r2 <6 5>4 } >> }

2 problems came up.
1. I wish to put two extender lines lined up vertically from the figure <6 4>
in bar 2. But what happens in the output file is there is only one extender
line and it extends at a point between the figures 6 and 4. Is this a bug and
is it related to the operating system that I am using (Win98)? I know for a
fact that the above method works ( <6 4>2.. <6 4>8 ) because when I only typed
that bar (2nd bar), the 2 extender lines did appear.
2. How do I shorten the distance between the figured bass and the bass notes
above it? Is it possible to change the font and/or size of the figured bass
numbers as well?
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Seng Liang.

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