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Graham Percival

On 2-Jun-05, at 3:47 AM, Mats Bengtsson wrote:

> (Graham, or someone else, we should really try to make sure that
> all commands and reserved words available in LilyPond are listed
> in the Index. \layout is one of those missing. Doing such an exercise
> would also help identifying what information is missing from the manual
> today.)

True, but as you note there's no doc section on \layout.

I'm only fixing urgent stuff until 2.6 is out.  Once that's out, I'll
go back
to editing the manual -- and adding @cindex entries is the main thing
I'm doing now.

The lack of a doc section on \layout is another matter.  I'd rather not
write it, since I don't understand it...

argh, ok.  I've changed my mind; I guess this is urgent enough to do
before 2.6.

I know that you can do
\context { \Staff
   \override foo = #'bar

Can it do any other kind of operation?  Actually, for that matter, why
\layout{ indent=1.6\cm }
work?  Shouldn't it be in \paper{} or \layout{ \context { \Staff }}

Any clarify on \paper and \layout would be appreciated; I'll get one or
doc sections about those done this weekend.

- Graham

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