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cues with lyrics

 This is an example that I reduced from a snippet.
 Can someone please tell me why the lyrics ("wordc") don't show up on
 the third note (from the 2nd cueDuring)?



 \version "2.19.83"

 vcNotes = \relative{ c'1 a d }
 \addQuote qvc \vcNotes

 oboeNotes = \relative{
   \cueDuring qvc #down R1 a'1 \cueDuring qvc #down R1

 \addQuote oboeNotes
   \new Voice = "cue"

 words = \lyricmode{
   worda wordb wordc

   \new Staff
     \new Voice \oboeNotes
     \new Lyrics = "cueLyrics"
       \lyricsto "cue" {
         \set fontSize = #-4

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