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Jan-Peter Voigt
Hi list,

in a scheme-engraver I want to get the stem-direction in the
acknowledger-slot. When I use ly:stem::calc-direction the calculated
direction is not always the visible one, when autobeaming is in effect.
A manual beam crashes lily.

So my question is: How can I retrieve the actual/current stem direction?


%%%%% snip %%%%%
\version "2.19.62"

#(define-public (stem-direction-engraver context)
      ; store stem direction
      ((stem-interface engraver grob source-engraver)
       ; this function crashes, if a beam starts
       (ly:message "stem info ~A" (ly:stem::calc-direction grob))

\layout {
   \context {
     \consists #stem-direction-engraver

\score {
   % the directions are not completely
   \relative { c''8 b bes a g f e d }

\score {
   % the function crashes with the beam-event
   \relative { c''8 b[ bes] a g f e d }

%%%%% /snip %%%%%

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