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I've just tried build lilypond-git on Mac OS X Mojave, without success.

I ran git clone,, make a directory for build, and ran;

--disable-documentation --enable-guile2

The result message includes;

WARNING: Please consider installing optional programs or files:  URW++ OTF
fonts (download OTF files from
and put them under '~/.local/share/fonts' etc., or use --with-urwotf-dir)
libpango1.0-dev or pango?-devel >= 1.38.0 (It is required if you'd like to
use OpenType font feature. installed: 1.42.4) extractpdfmark (Optionally
using Ghostscript >= 9.20 together with Extract PDFmark can significantly
reduce the disk space required for building the documentation and the final
PDF files.) texi2html <= 1.82 (installed: 5.0) dblatex epsf.tex lh CTAN
package (texlive-lang-cyrillic or texlive-texmf-fonts) pngtopnm

ERROR: Please install required programs:  libpango1.0-dev or pango?-devel >=
1.6.0 (installed: 1.42.4) libgobject-dev or gobject?-devel >= 2.38
(installed: 2.60.6)

See INSTALL.txt for more information on how to build LilyPond

I don't know why;

1) The warning tells me to install URW++ OTF fonts, while fc-list |grep
texgyre suggests it recognizes fonts such as texgyreschola-italic.otf.
2) The error appears to tell me libpango1.0-dev and libgobject-dev are
installed in sufficient version, but requires something I can't figure out.
3) I couldn't find INSTALL.txt

I installed lilypond via brew successfully. I just want to know how can I
build the native binary, rather than Linux binary with LilyDev or Docker.

Any comment will be appreciated.

Thank you,


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