[bug?] lily chokes on unavailable unicode char

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[bug?] lily chokes on unavailable unicode char

Juergen Reuter

lyrics with non-latin characters, such as in input/sakura-sakura.ly,
basically compile fine on my machine without any error message, and the
output looks fine.

If, however, I replace one of the non-latin characters with an obviously
unavailable utf-8 code (at least with the fonts currently installed on my
machine) such as the character with the code (hexadecimal) 211F or 2123,
lily spits out the following messages:

warning: no PostScript font name for font `/usr/share/fonts/bitmap-fonts/10x20.pcf'
warning: FreeType face has no PostScript font name
programming error: Improbable offset for stencil: -inf staff space
Setting to zero.
continuing, cross fingers

That is, lily does not even consider that a unicode character may not be

By the way, do you know of any freely available fonts that include
characters 211F and 2123?  It would be nice to have them for Gregorian
chant notation.


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