Wrong eps file with lily 2.6.3

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Wrong eps file with lily 2.6.3

Anna Choma

I have problems with generting an eps file (small music fragments).
Usually, after generating the ps file using lilypond, I made the eps
file from the ps using eps2epsi program and the eps file was correct.
With the lilypond version 2.4.5 everything worked fine. But I have
also installed the 2.6.3 version of lilypond. When I process the *.ly
file with the newer lilypond, it creates a ps file, from which I can't
generate a correct eps file. The bounding box is incorrect (the notes
are beyond the box). Changing the box manually doesn't have any effect
either. When I switch to lily 2.4.5, everything works fine again. Does
anyone know why the 2.4.5 lilypond creates diifferent *.ps files from
the 2.6.3 lilypond? Why I can't use the ps2epsi with lily 2.6.3? I've
tried also ps2eps programm, it creates also wrong files (bad bounding

Best reagards,

Anna Choma

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