What's a dotted slur?

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What's a dotted slur?

Bertalan Fodor

I'm looking at Ted Ross' book. It tells that: "some of the miscellaneous
uses of the normal size dot is [...] ties, slurs"
To render something similar that is in the book, I need the attached
fragment. Shouldn't it be the default for \slurDotted?
Ted Ross also uses these dots for Ottavas and other spanners.

\score {
    \new Staff {
        \relative c' {
        \once \override Voice.Slur #'thickness = #4.5
        \override Slur  #'dash-period = #0.9
        \override Slur #'dash-fraction = #0
        c4.( d e c8) }

\paper {
    raggedright = ##t

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