Unusual beam divisions

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Unusual beam divisions

Gilberto Agostinho
Hi all,

I am dealing with some unusual beam divisions. See:




I did manage to emulate this style but I am using a hack to get it done:
multiplying an eighth note by 1/4 to effectively transform it into a 32nd
note and then using stemLeftBeamCount and stemRightBeamCount to add the end
beams. See:

  \time 3/8
  \set subdivideBeams = ##t  
  \set stemLeftBeamCount = #3
  c'8*1/4 c'32 c' c' c'
  \set stemRightBeamCount = #3
  c'8*1/4 r16.


So I have two questions: is there a way of automatizing this, and if not
then is there a better approach to manually create these?

Many thanks!

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