Trill spanner on pitched trills collision avoidance

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Trill spanner on pitched trills collision avoidance

N. Andrew Walsh
Hi List,

another issue I'm running into: According to NR 1.3.3, "consecutive trill spans will work without explicit \stopTrillSpan commands, since successive trill spanners will automatically become the right bound of the previous trill."

However, in this example:

\version "2.19.82"

\relative c'' {

  \time 3/4

  | %2
  \time 5/4

  | %3
  \time 2/4
  d,\startTrillSpan  cis 

  | %4
  d\startTrillSpan  des

That is not the case. In this example, the first trill spanner should continue into the second, as the main note remains the same and only the auxiliary note changes. 

Also, some more general questions about how pitched trills work:

is it possible to have multiple auxiliary notes?
is it possible to attach fingering diagrams to each of them?
if I try to attach phrasing slurs from one main note to the next, I get an error:  "warning: Ignoring grob for slur: TrillPitchAccidental.  avoid-slur not set?" Does this warning matter? What should I do to avoid it?

Thanks for the help,


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