The LilyPond Report #23 has been released

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The LilyPond Report #23 has been released

David Kastrup


After a long hiatus, the

                  LilyPond Report #23

has been released on 2012-01-20.  The report contains current news about
the development of LilyPond, the GNU Music Typesetter
<URL:> and features an article about recent work
to make extending LilyPond with the GNU project's Scheme interpreter and
extension language Guile <URL:> more
accessible and powerful.

Here is the intro:

Greetings everybody, and welcome to this twenty-third issue of the
LilyPond Report!

Another year, another Report. This month we’re welcoming new LilyPond
Report editor David Kastrup, who (in addition to being a talented
developer) has been busy writing about some of the new, awesome features
recently added to LilyPond... And speaking of awesomeness, don’t miss
his interview with composer/contributor Mike Solomon, whose work never
ceases to amaze!

The table of contents features:

    Release news
    What’s up with LilyPond?
    An Interview With Mike Solomon
    Feature story: Prelude #1 in Scheme
    Bug Report of the Report


For the editing team:
David Kastrup

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