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Craig Dabelstein
Hi LilyPonders,

To help with the documentation of future LilyPond projects I have tried to write a syntax highlighter to be used by Pygments (which can then be used by many other programs for presenting code examples).

I'm inexperienced at this sort of thing so I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions you could give me on any part of the project: what works or doesn't work, the regex examples, even the git commit messages and the -- literally anything at all.

You can find the repo here:

It is very easy to test (see the doc):
[1] clone Pygments
[2] add my two python files to pygment's lexer folder
[3] add a LilyPond file to the tests/examplefiles folder
[4] run: python -m pygments -O full -f html -o /tmp/example.html tests/examplefiles/example.ily

All the best,


Craig Dabelstein
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A: 19 Twelfth Ave,  Kedron QLD 4031, Australia
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