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Bertalan Fodor
Hello, I would be interested in some features to sponsor, so I'm curious
about the cost :-)

1. An XML file generated from the sources that has the same content as
the Programming Reference. This could be used in LilyPondTool, and
provide a possibility to get automatic completion from the currently
installed binary version of lilypond. Like this:

<contexts><context description="&#10;&lt;p&gt;Identical to
&lt;code&gt;StaffGroup&lt;/code&gt; except that the&#10;contained staves
are not connected vertically.&#10;&#10;" name="ChoirStaff">
<grob name="SystemStartBar"/>
<grob name="SystemStartBrace"/>
<grob name="SystemStartBracket"/>
<translator-property-default name="systemStartDelimiter"

2. Unhyphenation possibility lyrics, i.e. when there is not enough place
for a hyphen. The current way of manually turning off padding is almost
good, but when the hyphen is removed I still have to manually move the
syllables, considering kerning as well. Reformatting the score also
makes it bad, because my manual aligning gets useless.


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