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Running Lilypond on a PC with Windows - Question

Linda Seltzer
Dear Friends,

I downloaded Lilypond on my PC and installed it and this ran without any

I received a message when trying to place it in Program Files, so I installed
it in C: in a separate folder.

The online instructions in the tutorial say that the user's input file should
have the extension .ly rather than .txt.  I created a score file with a .ly
extension and opened and edited it with Notepad and saved it.  

The instructions said to double click on the icon of the score file and the
lilypond output would appear in .pdf form.  This does not occur, because the
file properties say to open with Notepad and that the type of file is a text
file.  I changed Open With to Lilypond rather than Notepad, but I couldn't see
how to change the type from text file to Lilypond file.  Also, changing Open
With caused the system to rename the file as, which it said
wasn't a valid file name.

Can someone suggest the correct way to create and process the Lilypond file?

Thank you for any information.

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