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Remove LO extension from GSoC ideas list (issue 569380043 by

Urs Liska-2
Reviewers: ,

Removing this suggestion from the GSoC page
is uncontroversial, I will push after successful tests.

Remove LO extension from GSoC ideas list

Please review this at

Affected files (+0, -27 lines):
  M Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi

Index: Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
diff --git a/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi b/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
index 40a4b59354caaafd43141e4e56c7ad321cf4872e..e8ab60136d9096b867175d015062320eb196d80a 100644
--- a/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
+++ b/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
@@ -127,33 +127,6 @@ Working in this project will mainly be done in the
 @emph{Mentor}: Peter Bjuhr
-@subsubheading Rewrite LibreOffice LilyPond Extension with Python
-The @uref{, OOoLilyPond} extension
-made it possible to conveniently include LilyPond score snippets in Writer, Draw and Impress documents while
-keeping source and image together.  After many years without development
-an initial effort has started to make the extension compatible again
-with current versions of LibreOffice and LilyPond.
-However, as the LibreOffice ecosystem has changed substantially it is
-now possible to rewrite the extension with Python and PyQt.  This will
-not only be more powerful in general but will allow the integration of
-functionality from @uref{, Frescobaldi}, such as
-for example syntax highlighting, entry helpers, score wizards or musical
-@emph{Difficulty:} easy/medium
-@emph{Requirements:} Python, PyQt, LilyPond basics, LibreOffice
-extension basics
-@emph{Recommended knowledge:} Familiarity with Frescobaldi code based
-or willingness to learn during bonding period
-@emph{Mentor(s):} Joram Berger, Urs Liska, (Thorsten Behrens/LibreOffice)
 @subsubheading Fix Beaming Patterns/Beam Subdivisions and Tuplets
 Subdivision is an important way to improve the readability of beamed