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> It's true that the jazz chord names printed by
> lilypond are weird from a jazz perspective and it is
> also true that there is a mechanism via
> chordNameExceptions to tweak the output or one could
> always use text markup to do it exactly as one wishes.


> (1) Text markup for chords don't allow you to
> transpose chords.  So, when I am writing out parts,
> the chordmode has a clear advantage since you can
> transpose the chord names via \tranpose.

no, if you use chordNameExtensions, the name of chord root is
not affected with your text markup, only the chord "modifiers".
you still have to use \chordmode so you can also transpose chords
and play them in the midi file.

see "" in the regression tests, and change
the root of the chords inside theMusic block to e.g "d:7sus4" instead of
"c:7sus4". then you'll see D7wahh at the output :)

although it may be a bit misleading, in:

chExceptionMusic = {
     <c f g bes>1-\markup { \super "7" "wahh" }}

<c f g bes> is not implicitly related to the "c" based chord, but
to the relative intervals inside the chord, in this case to all the
7sus4 chords, regardless of the root.

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