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Graham Percival-2

On 28-Mar-06, at 1:22 PM, Graham Percival wrote:

> CVSROOT: /sources/lilypond
> Module name: lilypond
> Branch: lilypond_2_8
> Changes by: Graham Percival <[hidden email]> 06/03/28
> 21:22:09
> Modified files:
> .              : ChangeLog
> Documentation/user: advanced-notation.itely
> Log message:
> Backport doc material.  (mostly a test)

As everybody subscribing to lilypond-cvs knows by now, backporting this
20-line patch (or so) simply sent the entire new file to the -cvs list.
  I reported this bug to savannah back when 2.6 was branched, and Derek
Robert Price had two suggestions to fix this problem.  I don't
understand the answers, but perhaps somebody else might?

It's not a serious issue, since this only happens the first time we
change a file, but it would still be nice to avoid all the wasted

- Graham

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