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Mats Bengtsson-6

Aaron Mehl wrote:
> Ok I am now getting both unconfused and confused.
> But both paper and layout deal with layout.

Up to version 2.2, page layout and score layout was all
lumped together into \paper{...}. Now, there's more
structure to it. The intuitive notion is that \paper{...}
only deals with the page sizes, margins, and other page
layout issues that apply to the full book, whereas
\layout{...} deals with the layout within each \score{...}.

> I see that structure  in lilypond is not a
> documentation structure. ie a programmers structure.
> If I were to build a document I would have formatting
> for the page or the entire document and formatting for
> the section.
> My  confusion is that lilypond leave the creation of
> sections etc to the user in a way.
> The logic is not one of nesting I gather but how
> things are processed, as in python where each part is
> processed going down the page and inner brackets are
> done in a certain order.
> I could then have I gather
> layout anywhere in a document.
> I would hate to hazard a guess that paper could also
> appear anywhere?
> What happens is that the terms become unclear and the
> usage blurry.

I agree completely that this is unclear and have requested
clarifications a number of times.


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