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Eduardo Vieira
Hello, I'm also interested in making contributions to the manual or
developing more tutorials, etc. For now my time is very limited, too. But
here are my ideas on things to explore:
1) The Vocal Music section.
    I'm starting to work with lilypond to typeset songs and hymns, I'm still
learning and testing its syntax, so before I move ahead, I need to get more
confidence.Future plans - I said "future" because I can't make any commit
right now:
-- Provide more (or different) examples and templates for that section.
Possibly doing some rewriting.
-- Create some tutorials in OpenOffice impress about how to typeset hymns in
Lilypond. This would be apart from Lilypond official docs. Don't know where
to send them to. I should probably contact Geoff Horton to see if such
material could be included in his webpage.

2) Maybe Lilypond HomePage should show more links to other sources of
learning and lilypond files, for instance: Geoff's page, Nicholas Sceaux's,
and many others who provide on-line files. Lilypond is a complex program,
and after all we don't want a 1000 page PDF manual, so new documents need to
be created and published somehow.

3) A quick "how to" page, in FAQ style?

4) An essay about "common objections to Lilypond".

Wishing you courage to keep up your good work,


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