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Sam Frybyte
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 12:08:09 +0100
From: "Phil Holmes" <[hidden email]>
To: "Sam Frybyte" <[hidden email]>,  "lilypond user group"
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Subject: Re: RE;re; beaming with cadenzaOn
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Subject: RE;re; beaming with cadenzaOn

> Date: Wed, 31 May 2017 18:29:51 +0100
> From: Brian Barker <[hidden email]>
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> Subject: Re: beaming with cadenzaOn
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> At 10:16 31/05/2017 -0700, Sam Frybyte wrote:
>>If there is a time signature the beaming of 8th notes with
>>acciaccaturas between them is created as I expect.
>>in version. 2.18.2
>>with \cadenzaOn
>>\stemUp\acciaccatura c'8 \stemNeutral a8
>>     \stemUp\acciaccatura b8 \stemNeutral ges8
>>     \times 2/3 {f16 [des des]} des4
>>I have not been able to figure out or find a way for the 8ths to be
>>>Just as you would beam any other notes: follow the a8 with a >>left
>>>bracket "a8[" and the ges8 with a right bracket "ges8]".
>>>If you wrote your triplet as { f16[ des des] } you might see more
>>>readily how the notation works: the brackets do not enclose >>anything
>>>but separately follow the notes to which they apply.
>>>I trust this helps.
>>>Brian Barker
> Mr. Barker
> It doesn't work.  I tried this and at least in version 2.18.2 nothing
> happens- Unless you mean I must include the quotation marks? and if
> you do where is this information in the manual?  Otherwise without the
> marks nothing happens.
> Thank you

It does work:

{ \cadenzaOn \acciaccatura c'8 a8[
\acciaccatura b8 ges8]
\times 2/3 {f16[ des des]} des4

Phil Holmes

Phil- (and Brian) the quotes that were included in the first message
confused me.  And mentioning the triplet where it did work did too.
Without the quotes I was able to understand where the brackets should
go (I was putting them in the wrong places and continued to have to
experiment to get it 'right' individually/per situation.) Thank you
both for your help

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