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Mats Bengtsson-6

Kenward Vaughan wrote:

> On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 09:29:37AM +0100, andrew Black wrote:
>>Mats Bengtsson wrote:
>>>   ...
>>>   \context{
>>>     \Lyrics
>>>     \override LyricText #'font-size = #2
>>I am finding certain aspects of Lilypond's syntax a little cryptic.
>> - what is the difference between
>>      \context Lyrics=xxxx

This creates an instance of a Lyrics context, i.e. a lyrics line.

>>      \context { \Lyrics  ....... }

This can only appear within a \layout{...} block and is a redefinition
of what all Lyrics contexts in the score do, see the chapter on
Changing Defaults.


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