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Graham Percival-2

On 3-Nov-05, at 5:16 AM, Eddie Z wrote:

> I have recently moved to Linux usiing MEPIS KDE Debian whatever.
> Every time I find software that looks like it might be fun to
> investigate or even learn how to use I get to the installation and
> then have no idea how to move on from there.
> Now I come across LILYPOND 2.6.4 and find the same problems.
> Everything I read says how easy LINUX is to use. Well I must be brain
> dead because I am studying, "The Complete Idiot's Guide, Moving to
> Linux and Linux for Dummies", and yes it all takes me so far and
> then?????????

This question should be directed to the lilypond-user mailist.

If you have installed lilypond, then please read the tutorial.  Try
following the steps in it, section by section, until you feel
comfortable with lilypond.

If you have trouble installing lilypond, you might want to read the
documentation for your distribution.  The Debian manual has a lot of
info that will help you, even if you are using an offshoot of debian.  
(this mepis kde thing)

- Graham

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