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Graham Percival-2

On 10-Dec-05, at 6:06 PM, Don Blaheta wrote:

> Is it possible that when configuring lilypond you don't require the
> super-duper latest version of all the libraries unless there's actually
> some feature there that you need?

This is a question for the -devel list, not the -user list.

I think we _do_ need those features... for example, font kerning can
only be done with pango2.12.  (umm, is that supposed to be pango 1.10 ?
  I can't find "pango 2.12" anywhere; I see references to Gnome 2.12,
which includes pango 1.10)

Unfortunately :), the speed of development of lilypond and various
libraries is so fast that new features require the latest version of
various libraries.

>   I was just looking to try to compile
> from CVS, but in order to do that I would need to download and install
> half the libraries by hand as well, because you're using version that
> haven't made it even into fink's unstable branch yet.

An added problem for some fink users (such as me; I don't know about
you) is that fink development is mainly focused on 10.4; only some
packages are backported to 10.3.9.

> Which certainly sets an awfully high bar for contributing to the
> project, when you can't even get a working generated version of the
> _docs_ without hacking around with installing the bleeding-edge version
> of seven different libraries.

Since I've spent the past week (off and on) trying to build the docs, I
completely sympathize.  The good news is that I can now compile the
binaries, so at least that step is done.  BTW, this is only using
libraries installed via fink on 10.3.9.  I may have to start compiling
bleeding-edge libraries for the docs, though...

Quite apart from doc-compiling problems, the bar is already set
relatively high from our use of texinfo.  That's why I encourage people
to send plaintext additions to the docs (like your "an overview of the
system"... many thanks, I'll be looking at how to include that info).  
I've learned how the docs are set up, how texinfo works, etc; I can
take care of the technical details involved in including material in
the docs.

(this isn't a good point right now, but in the next couple of days I
hope to be able to build the docs again)

- Graham

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