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Graham Percival-2

On 28-Mar-06, at 5:20 PM, Geoff Horton wrote:

> "The Fingering_engraver is also listed to create Fingering objects,
> Lo and behold, [etc.]"
> I think the comma after "Fingering objects" is supposed to be
> something else.

I think there's supposed to be another sentence or two after the comma,
but I can't figure out what it's trying to say.

-devel: could somebody take a look at section 9.2.3?  I'm also
suspicious of this part:
"Lo and behold, that is also the second bit of information listed under
See also in the Notation manual."

In 6.5.2 Fingering instructions, there's only one "bit of information"
listed under "See also".  (well, there's the regressions test file, but
I don't think that's what 9.2.3 was referring to)

- Graham

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