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Python scripts on Windows native version

John Mandereau
When I tried to answer Aaron Morse question about midi2ly, I tested Lily
2.6.3 on MS-WinXP and tried to run midi2ly.

for details about how I managed (or rather didn't manage) it.
Although midi2ly can't work because the midi lib isn't compiled into
this version, I could run convert-ly without problem.

It'd be very nice if users of this version could run the scripts as the
documentation says; as many potential users certainly come from Windows
(as I did in the past with Cygwin...), it's better they don't have a
"crippled package". It seems to me that doing these improvements:

1) add a notice saying that Python is required (or at least

2) set up the environment variables during installation: add <LilyPond
installation directory>\usr\bin\ to PATH, and add extensions .PY
and .PYC to PATHEXT,

3) compile the C midi lib required by midi2ly into the package.

could be done quite easily by the Windows-native packager.

John Mandereau <[hidden email]>

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