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Point and Click on Windows

> I suggest to modify line 165 in lilypond.git/scripts/lilypond-invoke-editor.scm
  (set! %load-path (cons LILYPOND_DATADIR %load-path))
  (set! %load-path (cons LILYPOND_DATADIR
                     (cons (format #f "~a/current" (dirname LILYPOND_DATADIR))
to make point-and-click work in windows.

I installed 2.19.80 on WIN7/64.
I did ensure the following conditions to enable point-and-click:

-       @INSTALL_DIR@\usr\bin is included to the search path environment variable PATH

-       environment variable LYEDITOR is defined correctly

-       textedit is included in the LinkProtocols list of SumatraPDF (file sumatrapdfrestrict.ini)

It did not work. By tracing >lilypond-invoke-editor< I found:

-       in lines 40..48 the variable LILYPOND_DATADIR is defined. It always ends with the current version number. But this path does not exist. The (windows) installer for Lilypond creates a directory with >current< instead of the current version number (e.g. >.../share/lilypond/current< does exist, wile >.../share/lilypond/2.19.80< does not).

-       in line 165 LILYPOND_DATADIR (i.e. a not existing directory path) is added to %load-path

-       in line 167 >lilypond-invoke-editor< fails to launch >editor.scm<.

With the patch listed above point-and-click did work.

Effectively by this modification one more path is added to @load-path. So, for the case the path >.../share/lilypond/2.19.80< does not exist, >.../share/lilypond/current< is included in the load path list, too.

(Arnold at the German Lilypond forum)

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