Point and Click, on Win7, SCHEME does not find a module

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Point and Click, on Win7, SCHEME does not find a module


I installed Lilypond 2.19.80 on Win7/64 (unsing the mingw installer package)

I did ensure:
a) '...\usr\bin' of the LILYPOND installation is included in the systems
search path (environment variable PATH)
b) environment variable LYEDITOR is defined, specifying my prefered editor.

I figured out:
Point and Click fails, because '.../usr/bin/lilypond-invoke-editor' insists
to find some libraries in
'.../usr/share/lilypond/2.19.80' while the installer placed them in the
directory '.../usr/share/lilypond/current' .

I did not find any value to set in environment variable LILYPOND_DATADIR to
make it working.
The varibale LILYPOND_DATADIR I did trace in
'.../usr/bin/lilypond-invoke-editor' always did end with

Just hacking my installation by editing
replacing '(define TOPLEVEL-VERSION "2.19.80")' with '(define
TOPLEVEL-VERSION "current")' will make in working for me.

And I tested another method, which might be usable as a patch.
I did build a variable ALTERNATE_LILYPOND_DATADIR with 'current' instead of
the version number at the end,
and I added both pathes to the load path.
In detail, I added:

  (format #f "~a/current" (dirname LILYPOND_DATADIR)))

after the definition of LILYPOND_DATADIR (i.e. before '(define-public _
gettext)' ),
and I altered

(set! %load-path (cons LILYPOND_DATADIR %load-path))




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