PianoStaff dashed bars bug?

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PianoStaff dashed bars bug?

Trevor Bača-2

At the risk of double-posting to the list I'm sending this observation
and potential bug to the list again.

[The original message hit the *archive* (user archive, actually,
because I realized only afterwards that I should have posted to the
bug list) with a Tuesday timestamp (Tue, 26 Jul 2005 07:42:11 -0500)
but never seemed to actually mail out to the list. If for some reason
the message did mail to the list and just avoided my address in spite
of my GNU list settings, someone please let me know so I don't further
spam the list members!]

Anyway, here's the observation or potential bug. If you build ...

\score {
   \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff {
         \clef treble
         \time 4/4
         \repeat unfold 4 c'4 \bar ":"
         \repeat unfold 4 c'4 \bar "|."
      \new Staff {
         \clef bass
         \time 4/4
   \layout {raggedright = ##t}

... you'll see that the dashed bar renders with what I'm assuming are
two unitended interruptions, either side of the spanning barline,
between the staves. Can anyone confirm whether those two gaps are
intentional or not, and, if they are intentional, how to make them go

Changing "PianoStaff" to "StaffGroup" in the example above works
perfectly: no gaps.


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