PATCHES - Countdown for November 28th

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PATCHES - Countdown for November 28th

James Lowe-3

Here is the current patch countdown list. The next countdown will be on
November 30th.

A quick synopsis of all patches currently in the review process can be
found here:




5617 Prepare for encoding changes in Python 3 - Jonas Hahnfeld

5614 hara-kiri-group-spanner: int->vsize for indices - Dan Eble

5613 remove dead code in Interval_t and Spanner - Dan Eble

5612 run ly->midi->ly checks once (not twice) - Dan Eble

5610 add suggestAccidentals = #'cautionary option - Malte Meyn

5602 Implement MeasureSpanner - David Nalesnik


5618 configure: Fix tests for compiler warning flags. - Werner LEMBERG


No patches in Review at this time.


5624 ignore \barNumberCheck when processing MIDI - Dan Eble

5623 fix int/vsize conversion warnings in System - Dan Eble

5622 simplify Spanner pure property cache - Dan Eble

5620 Change vector to vector - Dan Eble

5619 Add configure option `--with-flexlexer-dir`.