PATCHES - Countdown for May 11th

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PATCHES - Countdown for May 11th

James Lowe-9

   Here is the current patch countdown list.

   The next countdown will be on May 13th.

   Patches now need to have a merge request for them to get on the
   countdown list - as this is the first countdown for the changeover, and
   because not all the patches in the queue have merge requests since the
   migration on Sunday, I have had to make the list manually from the old
   sourceforge/Rietveld comments and the new Gitlab script Jonas kindly
   did for me.

   Any patches that were on 'Countdown' or 'Review' have been 'moved
   along' (i.e. the label changed and the appropriate comment in the
   issue) but please create a merge request if requested so that it
   appears properly on the next countdown.

   For those 'new' patches that had not had merge requests or patches that
   were on review/countdown but then had new patches created in Rietveld,
   can you make a merge request so that it appears on the 'lists' for
   testing? It will probably not be on the list below for this countdown
   (I will check again tomorrow to pick up any missed testing).

   Sorry in advance for any mistakes below while I work with Jonas to make
   sure that I can efficiently find the issues with patches and their
   relevant state in the countdown.

   If you don't see your patch in the list below it is probably my fault
   or it needs a merge request (did I mention that?!).

   Thanks, hopefully by the next countdown it will be much clearer for us


   No patches in Push at this time.


   Prevent race condition in `-dfont-ps-resdir` - Masamichi Hosoda

   Stop smobifying Transform - Han-Wen Nienhuys

   Make Scheme_hash_table just use the native hash table type. This -
   David Kastrup

   dynamics on skips confuse cross-staff stems - barrykp


   No patches in Review at this time.


   !5 Enable 'relative-includes by default. - Valentin Villenave

   !4 Ensure having valid references to the position in the source file
   while... - Martin Neubauer

   !3 Add dynamic-interface to keepAliveInterfaces - Jean Abou Samra
   !2 Issue 5965 - Make Scheme_hash_table just use the native hash table
   type. - David Kastrup
   !1 web: Update links from SourceForge to GitLab - Jonas Hahnfeld


   No patches in Waiting at this time.


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