Melisma_translator obsolete?

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Melisma_translator obsolete?

Karl Hammar
>From Documentation/misc/ChangeLog-2.10:

  2006-08-02  Erik Sandberg  <[hidden email]>
        * ly/ change melisma/melismaEnd. Eliminates
        ManualMelismaEvent, and obsoletes Melisma_translator.

So what should be done with:

  $ lily_git -I input/manual input/test/
  GNU LilyPond 2.11.12
  Processing `input/test/'
  error: unknown translator: `Melisma_translator'


  $ grep Melisma_translator python/
      str = re.sub (r'Melisma_engraver', 'Melisma_translator', str)



export LILY_SRC_DIR=$HOME/most/music/lilypond/git/lilypond

lily_git() {
    $LILY_SRC_DIR/out/bin/lilypond --relocate "$@"

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