Manual tie formatting, slight inconsistency

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Manual tie formatting, slight inconsistency

Steve D-2
I am personally extremely grateful for all of the great changes in
LilyPond's tie formatting code during these last many months: both the
improvements in the default tie formatting and especially the new
ability to override the default formatting with manual adjustments.

I have thought of an inconsistency though which may confuse some people,
especially new users of LilyPond. As of version 2.7.40 and now 2.8,
users may now manually format single ties (between two notes, or chords
which have just one note tied between them) in addition to entire "tie
columns" between chords that have more than one tied note.

The inconsistency is that in the case of single ties, the manual
formatting command(s) *precede* the first of the two tied notes (or
chords that have only a single note tied), whereas when manually
formatting entire tie columns, the formatting commnd(s) are placed
*between* the two tied chords--

Example for single tie formatting (in this case, using chords with only
a single tied note between them)--

\once \override Tie #'staff-position = #2.5
<c'' e''>4 ~
<a' e''>4

Example for multiple tie (tie column) formatting between chords--

<c'' e''>4 ~
\once \override TieColumn #'tie-configuration = #'((0 . -1) (4.5 . 1))
<c'' e''>4

As you can see, for single ties the command is placed _before_ the two
tied notes or chords, but for multiple simultaneous ties, the command is
placed _between_ the two chords.

Best wishes all,

Steve D
New Mexico US
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horrible warning.  -Catherine Aird

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