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Dan Soper

I have a Cywin install of Lilypond 2.4.6.  I am trying to emulate something
I already typed out in Sibelius and have got stuck in the font-name part.
Basically, I would like all my fonts to be "Book Antiqua" or "Palatino".

The manual does mention somethings but I just don't understand where to put
it, and what to do.  I have tried

\lyricmode {
\override Score . LyricText #'font-name = #"Palatino"
        ho ho ho ho

and several other font names, but it is all the same.  Is there a way of
finding out font names which are available on my install?

And finally, if you can tell me how to specify the lyric font name for the
whole document in one go that would be great!

Lots of questions, I know, but I am a newbie and Lilypond could be the last
link that allows me to dump WIndows and move to Ubuntu.


Dan Soper

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