Limit the angle of broken hairpins

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Limit the angle of broken hairpins

Urs Liska-3

as brought up in 
broken hairpins look ugly when they are too short. This is (as pointed
out by Harm) due to the fact that the heights at the broken edges are
hardcoded in the C++ function printing the hairpin.

I suggest a two-fold remedy:

1) limit the heights at the broken edges so the height/width ratio of
the sibling doesn't exceed a certain value (I'd start with 1/2)

2) make that ratio and the broken-heights values user-settable as grob

I've given it a partial try that can be seen at This commit (hopefully)
implements part 1) of the above. I've also attached the patch. Since I
don't have a working build environment right now I couldn't test this
code, but it should be straightforward, I think.

I would be glad if someone could add the code to create the grob
properties (should be little work but not if you have to first look
everything up like me) in order to upload it for review later.


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