LilyPond 2.5.28 as autopackage installer

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LilyPond 2.5.28 as autopackage installer

Jan Nieuwenhuizen

As the last platform in row to get an installer, I'm quite pleased to
announce the first release of a LilyPond autopackage (
installer for linux.  The idea is that these packages should install
work on any somewhat decent gnu/linux system, just by downloading and
running the package.

There are two flavours, there is one for new 2.5 installations

which includes glib, pango, libpng and ghostcript.  There are more
dependencies, I'd like to here what dependency people are missing

The other one

is for people who are already running some 2.5 version, and thus
already have all dependencies installed.

I also would like to hear about desktop/menu integration on the
various desktops.  I expect quite some problems here.  Also, point and
Click is not supported ootb, yet.  It may work if you configure[d]
your default mozilla based browser.

These packages have been tested on fedora 3 and debian unstable in
normal user accounts, none of the testers dared doing a root install

Btw, did I tell you this is the first release, and it will probably
eat your hard disk?

Bug reports, success reports, and patches here.  The sources are in
the installer/linux/autopackage module in LilyPond's cvs.


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