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LSR integration

Graham Percival-2
I almost have this working; there are two questions.

1)  LSR material is integrate from  input/ .  Can I leave this
script there, or must I move it to  buildscripts/ ?

2)  The  input/lsr/trick/out-www/collated-files.html  is generated
correctly, but I'd like to have an extra HTML page that lets users
choose which types of examples they see.  How do I add this extra page?
  (alternatively, is anybody else willing to do this HTML stuff so I can
get back to working on the tutorial?)

Here's what I'd like to see:  on the main doc page

we remove the (current) "Examples" and "Tips and Tricks".  There's only
one "Examples" link.  This link takes us to a new page, where users can
choose between:
Complete pieces  (ie the current "examples" page)
Tricks  ( input/trick/out-www/collated-files.html )
Advanced  ( input/advanced/out-www/collated-files.html )
...      ( other categories from  input/*/out-www/collated.html , once
those other categories exist )

- Graham

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