Google Summer of Code final submission!

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Google Summer of Code final submission!

Owen Lamb
Hello everyone!

I've just completed Google Summer of Code for this year. My work has been
on adding rudimentary support for SMuFL (a new music font standard) and
bringing Emmentaler, LilyPond's default font, closer to SMuFL-compliance.
You can take a look at a summary of my work here:

(I fixed a few regressions in my code, but it looks like there's still one
or two lurking around. I'm just going to call it here, though--there's not
much I can do about them now.)

It's been wonderful working with everyone in the development community, and
I'd like to stick around if I can. I plan on continuing to improve SMuFL in
LilyPond, but in case I don't follow through, I've included in the summary
a list of what to do next.

Happy LilyPonding,
Owen Lamb
Arizona State University