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Urs Liska-2
Reviewers: ,

This is not as uncontroversial as removing an entire
section. However, assuming the tests pass I may consider
not waiting for the whole countdown process, if GNU
should be selected for the GSoC program.
(In that case I'd assume people will mainly look at
the GSoC page at the beginning of the phase).

GSoC idea: Frescobaldi extension

Please review this at

Affected files (+30, -0 lines):
  M Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi

Index: Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
diff --git a/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi b/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
index 40a4b59354caaafd43141e4e56c7ad321cf4872e..906b4b3a273b96267f6449c9d81964ab607c5836 100644
--- a/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
+++ b/Documentation/included/gsoc.itexi
@@ -181,6 +181,36 @@ of timing issues
 @emph{Mentors:} Urs Liska, Carl Sorensen
+@subsubheading Frescobaldi Extensions
+Starting with the current release 3.1
+@uref{, Frescobaldi} has an extension API that
+allows the easy integration of arbitrary functionality in the editing
+environment.  These could range from, say, document statistics and
+accounting functionality to fancy features like a built-in video chat
+client or a stock market ticker.
+We would welcome project suggestions about arbitrary Frescobaldi
+extensions of appropriate complexity that add substantial functionality
+for working with LilyPond scores which might not be suitable to be
+included into Frescobaldi itself.
+As @emph{suggestions} and examples may serve: a project management
+extension that can manage repetoire of arbitrary complexity, handle
+the generation of template files and the compilation process. Or an
+extension to manage the @uref{, openLilyLib}
+@emph{Difficulty:} easy/medium
+@emph{Requirements:} Python, (PyQt)
+@emph{Optional:} GUILE Scheme (if functionality involves LilyPond
+@emph{Mentor:} @emph{Urs Liska}
 @subsubheading Support for Style Sheets
 LilyPond's engraving output can be tweaked to the least detail, and one

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Re: GSoC idea: Frescobaldi extension (issue 571690043 by

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