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Stephen Corey
sorry, forgot one of those cardinal rules - using Lilypond 2.6.3 with
jEdit 2.4 on Suse 10.0 64 bit.  



New to Lilypond and loving it.  I'd greatly appreciate any help I could
get formatting an orchestral score correctly so it will fit properly on
tabloid size paper in landscape format.  There is plenty of vertical
room for 11 staves to fit okay.  But the default settings
(set-default-paper-size "tabloid" 'landscape) give me inconsistent
results.  (Both entries necessary for this were entered)
I've tried making adjustments to all margins and line length in both
inches and centimeters and even alternately specifying hsize, vsize and
#(set-global-staff-size). Also tried using a3 size and all metric
settings but still didn't give the desired results.  The problems vary
depending on settings and include:
- a gap of several inches between title and staves
- full score line on page followed by partial score line split across
-missing header with top half of score off the page
-gaps between pages, 7-8 measures missing between pages

This score is handled perfectly in letter format so I'm sure it is just
a matter of getting the right settings for tabloid.  If anyone has
already worked through this issue, I'd greatly appreciate your input.

Stephen Corey
Richmond, Virginia USA

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